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June 1, 2018

After nearly fifty years serving businesses and individuals in Hobbs, New Mexico and the surrounding areas, the law firm most recently known as Maddox, Holloman, & Moran, P.C. has now closed its practice.  The scheduled closing of the firm is the conclusion of a transition period that began last year. 

Jim Maddox, who formed the firm with his brother, Don, in 1970, and whose dedication to excellence built the firm’s expertise and reputation over many years (with the help of a great team of lawyers and other professionals), has retired from the private practice of law.  Jim sold his equity in the firm some years ago but continued to practice with the firm in an Of Counsel status.  His retirement in 2018 is consistent with a transition plan developed some years ago.

Scotty Holloman, who began practicing law with the firm in 1983, and who served as President of the State Bar of New Mexico in 2017, joined the executive team at New Mexico Junior College in January 2018.  At present, Scotty also plans to maintain a limited private practice consistent with his responsibilities at NMJC.  Scotty’s current contact information is:  PO Box 3408, Hobbs, NM  88241; Phone—575-441-0056; email—

Kathy Moran is continuing in private practice in Hobbs.  She is now a partner with the firm of Crenshaw, Dupree & Milam, L.L.P.  To learn more, go to

Karen McReynolds, who joined the firm in 2010, is taking an extended sabbatical from the practice of law to devote more time to raising her family.

It has been our privilege to serve our clients and our community over these many years.  Thank you for your trust and the opportunity to be of service.

If you are a former estate planning client of the firm and wish to determine whether any original, unrevoked estate planning documents are currently maintained in the firm’s closed files, please send an email with your name, current address, phone and email, along with the name of the person for whom you are inquiring about the existence of original documents to the following email address:, and you will be contacted within ten business days.

                                                                        Yours very truly,

                                                                        Maddox, Holloman & Moran, P.C.